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Ningbo completed shigeru environmental protection equipment co., LTD., guangzhou trade fair
2016-04-15 08:44:08

Ningbo completed shigeru environmental protection equipment co., LTD., in the Canton fair to wait for your arrival, looking forward to cooperating with you, booth no. 16.3 G36.

Ningbo completed shigeru environmental protection equipment co., LTD., located in the center of the Yangtze river delta economic zone city, adjacent to ningbo port, ningbo airport and shanghai-hangzhou-ningbo expressway, and connected to the hangzhou bay sea channel, the transportation is convenient . Company was founded in 2013, has a group of technology, production, management of high professional titles. Enterprise nature for a limited liability company. Company's existing assets of more than 3450 3450 yuan, the factory covers an area of 16666 square, There are 18000 square meters of production workshop and office building. Now our company main products are air conditioning sheet metal parts, as well as metal shelves, tool cabinets, the company production equipment and production technology has reached domestic advanced level. There are mainly 200 t, 400 t, 500 t hydraulic press, more than 40 t punch, shear the trigger, kaiping machine, bending machine, roll GaXian all kinds of welding machine, and other production equipment. Annual output of 1 million sets of air-conditioner, refrigerator and other sheet metal parts. The main To the model is 1.5 GJ, 2 GJ, 3 GJ, 5 GJ machine inside and outside of the sheet metal product quality well received by customers. The company with technology as the forerunner, with an emphasis on innovation to develop new products, to speed up the progress of science and technology Cutting, and strive to develop the market demand of high-tech products. The aim of the company is to provide high quality products and excellent service, continuously meet the demand of user.




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